Thursday, March 3, 2011

matt mays

This collection of beautiful Matt photos were taken by a variety of very talented photographers:

• Black & white taken in Saint John, August 2009 by Ray13
• 2 vertical color photos taken by Alex Parker in Halifax, February 2011
check out Alex's Flickr photostream at
• Stage shot taken by Jeremy Maillet in Halifax, February 2011
check out Jeremy's photos at

Thanks guys!


  1. A nice post to read first thing in the morning. Gets the old blood flowing!

    Oh, yes, he is extremely talented too. ; )

  2. OOH-LA-LA!!!!!! Lovely pictures!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! :D :D :D (I should've known that'd be your latest post ;) hahaha!)

  3. ok, just for the record, if he came down a mountain, I'd happily go back UP that mountain with him!! Jeeeeeeeeesiz... how handsome is THAT?!? Thanks for the treat! And yes, it always is inspiring to see other artists live their passion, isn't it? love it.
    ps: this is perfect timing girl. I was just thinking about my next painting. Ray still ok with me painting his photo of this guy? If you say yes, I'm starting it tomorrow. :o)